When you have a legal issue, you need qualified local legal counsel to help you solve the problem. FLACMA exists to help you FIND LOCAL ACCESS to CONSUMER MINDED ATTORNEYS who are qualified, experienced and local to you so that you can hire the right attorney.


There are many different types of lawyers. Some work for the government, some work for big law firms that only represent big businesses like banks and insurance companies. But some only represent consumers or individuals. In other words, they help and fight for the average person who finds themselves in a difficult legal situation like:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Divorce

  • Personal Injury

  • Criminal Charges

A consumer minded attorney only represents individuals in these and some other legal situations and they are focused on helping people. They are trained to go up against the big banks and insurance companies or the government and protect the rights of the individual. Without these consumer minded attorneys, many people in America would have no access to justice.

The type of justice achieved could mean many different things, like:

  • Being proven innocent in a criminal case and not wrongly going to jail
  • Being able to reorganize finances under the bankruptcy law
  • Divorcing fairly with regard to children and assets
  • Being fairly compensated for injuries that are the fault of another


So FLACMA exists to make sure that people in America have access to qualified local attorneys that fight for the rights of the individuals. Every Attorney listed in all locations we list on our website are consumer minded lawyers who are qualified and experienced to provide individuals with the quality of legal representation they deserve to solve their legal problem.

We are honored to make them known to you so you too can FIND LOCAL ACCESS to CONSUMER MINDED ATTORNEYS.